Due to the variety of outdoor sports, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping, and other sports. For different sports, the functional requirements of sports sunglasses are also different.

For people engaged in intense extreme sports, sports safety protective glasses should be configured, which has the effect of safety (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame), comfort (anti-slip nose pad and temple tip), beauty (with sports, casual clothing collocation).

The windproof lens is suitable for long-term sports outdoor, especially sports enthusiasts in strong sandstorm areas.

And in order to meet the demand of myopic sports enthusiasts, the research of myopic sports sunglasses brings them benefits. The function of myopic sports glasses not only includes the performance that general myopic glasses have, but also the PC material can resist impact surface. So, myopic friends can also enjoy the fun of sports.

In addition, long-term exposure to the sun, strong and long time under the sun exercise, need to buy polarized sports glasses.

With mountaineering enthusiasts, mountain snow easily damage the eyes, in terms of ultraviolet ray, snow reflections exceed the edge by more than 50 feet at 10,000 feet, the naked eye retina is very easy to damage, causing great pain called snow blindness, sunglasses can reduce the damage. But don't be deceived by cloudy weather, because ultraviolet light can penetrate clouds, dazzling light will cause headache. In this case, professional sports sunglasses will be your best choice which will have a 95%-100% filtering effect to protect the eyes.

For ice sports, a penetration rate of 5%-10% is required for sports sunglasses, while for multi-purpose sports glasses, a penetration rate of 20% is required.

How to choose which kind of glasses to fit yourselves? if you can easily see your eyes are too bright, the color of the lens you need to choose is grey or green; if you want to see the real color, or you want to want to see the cloudy or foggy weather, you had better choose the yellow lenses. Unless you face the sun directly, but normally, sports sunglasses can prevent infrared radiation and protect your eyes. Sports glasses should have side protection to reduce sun exposure to the eyes.

However, good ventilation should be provided to prevent fogging of the lenses, or anti-fogging lenses or anti-fogging cleaners should be used. You should bring a spare pair of sports glasses to avoid losing them.

Most climbers prefer contact lenses because they improve visual acuity and avoid water spots, but there are still disadvantages, such as too much sun, sand, dirt can cause eye inflammation, and the suburbs are not easy to clean and maintain.

From a professional point of view, when choosing sports sunglasses, people should pay attention to the lens function which means the lens color is different, because different lens’s colors filter light differently, they can be adapted to different sports environments. Such as below colors:

Dark lenses are better than light lenses, which can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays and improve UV index.

Purple lenses, for example, can reduce the amount of visible light entering the eye without affecting the clarity. So the lens of cycling sports glasses can be purple, and suitable for a long time to wear.

Gray lenses provide the best color perception and are recommended by experts.

Yellow lenses, which can enhance contrast on foggy days, are recommended not to wear while driving.

Yellow-green progressive colors and purple gold-plated mercury lenses effectively filter blue light and enhance the contrast between the sky and the ground, so the golf glasses use yellow-green and purple lenses to make the sphere more visible.

Every day, the sun continuously emits ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light waves. Without proper protection from sunglasses, each light wave can cause serious damage and effects on the eyes. Therefore,the colors for lens are very important to choose suitable sports sunglasses for yourself.

In the choice of sports sunglasses shape, everyone also has different preferences, different face types have different requirements for different shapes of frames. Remember the rule of complementation -- square for round face, oval for square face:

Square face: wear the oval shape is the best choice which makes your face look smaller

Round face: suitable for the thick and square frame, and square wide sunglasses complement a prominent jawline. Also, cold lens color, dark glasses, have the visual effect of the shrinking face.

Long face: should choose flat or arc lens, slender proportion, visually give a person harmonious feeling, cat-eye frames are the best choice;

Oval face: There are so many sunglasses to choose from that will make you happy.

Small faces, Slim or rimless glasses are good choices that can have surprising effects.

At last, the frame should be soft and elastic, resistant to impact, and safe to protect the face from damage during movement. The veneer design of the frame keeps comfortable to wear, which makes sports sunglasses become the best companion when doing sport.

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